Are you an active blog or...?

Yeah but I don’t update frequently anymore, I’m busy and I’m joining the otp battle. I still answer occasionally though.


I don’t know how, but it actually happened:


So, I’m excited to announce a very special giveaway. In honor of 1K followers, I am giving away 2 complete sets (including Kuroko) of the Bandai Gashapon Kuroko no Basuke Teiko Chugakko Kiseki no Sedai Swing Keychains (pictured below).



  1. Your ask box must be open.
  2. You must be willing to give me your address. (If you are under 18, please check with your parents before entering in the giveaway)
  3. 1 Like, 1 Reblog per entry.
  4. No giveaway blogs (I check).
  5. I will ship any anywhere (on the planet, that is).
  6. You do not need to be following me in order to win, however, since this is a special 1K follower giveaway, one of the sets will go to a follower.
  7. I will pick a winner through (I paste all the likes & reblogs into a spreadsheet and then generate a random number. I then go to that number on the spreadsheet. I will then go to the winner’s blog to verify that it is not a giveaway blog and that the ask box is open. Then I check if the winner is following me. If so, this person will be the first winner. If not, I will pick another number. The process for the second winner will be the same, but I will not check if the person is following my blog.)

ENDS Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2014 at midnight GMT.

» Kuroko Tetsuya Birthday Giveaway #5



Kuroko no Basuke Chara Petit Vol.1

Bought a box so I have extras to give away. :)

  • Kise Ryota
  • Midorima Shintarou
  • Aomine Daiki


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» Kuroko Tetsuya Birthday Giveaway #2



Kuroko no Basuke Ichiban Kuji ~Shuutoku & Touou Gakuen~ Chibikyun Character - Aomine Daiki


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"Tetsu, don’t cry."

Aomine spends his Christmas Eve evening teaching Tetsu how to shoot and they decided to go to a hot spring to relax themselves and since it’s winter so yeah let’s assume there’s just the two of them at the hot spring what am i saying ok just freaking relax in the damn hot spring what happen afterwards it’s your imagine. MERRY CHRISTMAS AOKURO!

IGmine is definitely not me

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kawaii desu nee xP

is anyone interested to write a fic about this?? because I’m interested in reading…and I can’t write for real..
village boy and city boy hanging around..chuuchuu and stuff yahoo :3
aomine is pervy lil kid…my settings are so yabai..damedayo

have you watched the newest ep?

i let tetsu wear my outfit, hint hint hint..ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

i have an aokuro theme now winkwonk

LOL 111 ! If you get what I mean! <o><o>
I received some interesting asks in the box so I’ll try to answer them but now I have other things to do so I’ll be more free around December…?! Haha I only delete some msg so it’s not like I have that much of unanswered stuff…but feel free to send in new asks! I like answering interesting asks first…haha….
And welcome to the derp askblog new followers ψ(`∇´)ψ


I want to eat bread…

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I take back my word.

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Knb Countdown: 5 days left → Aomine Daiki